Diyan + Althaf | Post Wedding | Malang by Isdah Ahmad

Most of bride and groom usually want a prewedding pictures, but not for Diyan and Althaf. Both born in religious family, they agreed that post-wedding is more suitable for them. As quite rare as it is, they also didn’t date in particular time. Diyan and Althaf was friends in elementary school, and long story short, Althaf proposed to Diyan not long after he graduated from university.

Many of us might hard to believe that kind of love story, but I see real and raw feeling that radiated from their gesture and expression. Especially Diyan who seems hard to hold her giggle. Must be the surge of oxytocin that produce the constant happiness.

Not a common occasion you could have “jam” session with your cousin. Yes, this time, the groom (or maybe i should say it ‘husband’?) is my direct cousin from mother. He made everything easy with relying on me for this session. Tried to made it as easy as possible, we just went to a nearby spot in Malang, and turned out great for their theme. The color of the costume looked perfect with the background.

It was a fun session for me because I love natural light. Also a challenge, because I have to produce several great pictures in short time for the couple had to immediately go to Surabaya.

Makeup by Tya Sabrina (IG: @tyaasabrinamua)
Hijab by Sasha